CLUB 10+7, ATLETICA GROSSETO Banca Tema and JUMP bring back to Tuscany the World Athletics Combined Events Tour 2022, with a new communication and digital strategy thanks to the partnership with Web Athletics. Memorial Prize Renzo Avogaro (Decathlon) and Gabriele Manfredini (Eptathlon) will be among the special moments along with the full integration of Hanna Kasyanova (gold medal for epthatlon in 2013 world champs) as part of the organization.

Firenze, 25.03.2022.
The historical CLUB 10+7, lead by the Lombardi family for 34th editions, started a new Multistars project along with Atletica Grosseto Banca Tema and JUMP Srl which constitues the organizers
committee for the 35th International meeting MULTISTARS part of “World Athletics Combined Events Tour 2022”, which will see the participation of many international athletes, within which our Italian champions Dario Dester and Sveva Gerevini, which have been competing in World Indoor Championships 2022 Belgrade.

In this MULTISTARS meeting edition there would be two special prizes. First of all the Memorial Renzo Avogaro, this for the winner of Decathlon event, as to remember this greta coach also in charge of Combined Events at national level and following many athletes winning records and national, international competitions. The Eptathlon special prize will be then the Memorial Gabriele Manfredini, one of the most appreciated worlwide expert of combined events and part of the organization in the most important events.

It is finally not a case that Hanna Kasyanova, eptatlete from Ukraine, Gold at World Championship and European Bronze in the recent past years, has been chosen as Godmother forst of all of the meeting Multistars. Hanna has been brought here by the meeting organization after splitting from her husband to protect their child and she will be staying in Grosseto till the end of June, guest of the Lawyer Andrea Vasellini, part of municipality organization in Grosseto, to assume an active role in the combined events meeting organization with her great experience on the field and after as well in the meeting Città di Grosseto setting up.

The traditon is so renewed with solidariety approach, with the endorsement of Grosseto municipality and province, and Tuscany region. Under definition the local sponsors pool which will help the organization to light up this international meeting, which will host World Athletics managers and many family of athletes from around the world.

A new logo has been launched to mark a new cycle of years for the meeting itself.

And a new set of Social media & Web channels: Instagram @multistars_official, www.multistars.it where thepre-subscrition list would be found.

Giovanni Iapichino and Silvia Saliti, founders and administrators of JUMP add up: “It is a great motivation for us to be part of the organization of this prestigious meeting along with CLUB 10+7 and Atletica Grosseto Banca Tema, particularly – Gianni Iapichino makes me really proud as past combined events athlete coached by Renzo Avogaro, participating to create that special brotherhood abd sisterhood mood which is present among these athletes”.

Gianni Lombardi, Club 10+7: “I am very happy to organize this new edition of Multistars meeting in Tuscany, bringing it to Grosseto, in a performing arena; town itself and the stadium will host super warmly the athletes competing. A particular thanking to Alfio Giomi and Adriano Buccelli of Atletica Grosseto Banca Tema, thanks to then we could organize operatively thi 35th edition, plus JUMP for its marketing and communication support”.

Alfio Giomi and Adriano Buccelli finally: “Great to collaborate with an historical group and a growing one of people passionate about athletics and Combined Events, a part of events program which is continuously
gaining attention and satisfaction in Italy”. Per Media Kit & Sponsorship Info

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