Antonella Palmisano


Antonella was born on 6th August 1991 in Mottola (Taranto), Puglia.

She has been passionate about Motocross and Volley, then as she never stops and was a very vivid kid, she was lead by the family and teachers to start running at Giochi della Gioventù in Italy.

After a while she tried Race Walking where she found herself comfortable and start winning and establishing records. She is a very talented strategic athlete in the race conduct as to express her very best in the last half hour of her competitions.

She has various hobbies: Interior Design, Photography and she likes racing in Autodrome.

Antonella has a true passion for Hair Dressing and likes to change nuances and a tradition for her International races.

The story started in 2010, when Antonella’s mum made a fabric flower for her hair in occasion of the World Cup she won at 19 years old. The hair’s flower became so a lucky charm and any international race Antonella’s mum made one in 2 layers one with national flag colors, the other with the host country ones. She has one as well with her Club Fiamme Gialle’s distinctive colors

Since then her nick name is The Race Walker with flower head.

Next events

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  • Italian Champ street race walking 10km (Modena): 1^ place 41’28’’ (national record)
  • Podebrady Internazionale meeting race walking 20km (CZE) : 1^ place 1’28’40’’


  • Italian Champ Indoor 3km (Ancona): 1^ place 12’23’’
  • World Championship (Doha): 20km race walking 13^ place 1h:37’36’’


  • Italian Champ Indoor 3km (Ancona): 1^ place 11’55’’
  • European Champ race walking 20km (Berlin) : 3^ place 1’27’30’’
  • Italian Champ race walking 10km (Pescara) : 1^ place 45’15’’


  • World Championship Race Walking 20km (London): 3^ place  1:26’36’’
  • Olympics Rio de Janeiro Race Walking 20km: 4^ place 1h: 29’03’’
  • 2^ prova Race Walking Italian Champ by Club 10km on track (Orvieto): 1^ place 41’57’’ (national record)
  • Podebrady European Race Walking Cup: 1^ place 1h:27’57’’
  • Italian Champ Indoor 3km (Ancona): 1^ place 12’08’’  

Technical staff

Coach: Patrizio Parcesepe
Physioterapist: Cristian Bruno


Post List #1

Super Antonella wins the 20km race walk in the European Cup

16 May 20211 min read

Antonella Palmisano showed today all her great shape and determination in a fantastic race that she won with the record of the competition: 1h27’42”. That shows this Gold is in the right direction for an exciting Tokyo race. Cannot wait…