Diego Pettorossi


He is a child of art, sportingly speaking: his father Mario, adopted in Italy as a boy but of Ivorian origins, played basketball in Olimpia Milan and Porto San Giorgio. Diego trained on rugby fields in the Cus Bologna youth teams, but fell in love with athletics with school competitions in 2011 and won the tricolor title of the 80 cadets in 2012 under the guidance of Cristian Cavina. From 2016 he moved to Turin to train with Alessandro Nocera and study sports science, after graduating from the high school of applied sciences. In 2019, he moved overseas for a master’s in business administration at Angelo State and was followed by Thomas Dibbern. His Italian coach since the end of 2020 is Leonardo Righi in Modena. In 2021 he went instead to the University of Texas at San Antonio for a masters in data analysis, with former long-time player Kareem Streete-Thompson as head coach, improving in 2022 to 10.36 in the 100 and 20.61 (then 20.54 winning the Absolutes) in the 200 meters. In his spare time he is a fan of Star Wars and NBA basketball.

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  • New PB 20”99 200i (MPI U23)

Technical staff:

Coach: Kareem Streete-Thompson


Diego Pettorossi