Gabriele Chilà


His older brother Fabio had already tried as a sprinter and so Gabriele followed him on the athletics fields: in the beginners category he already jumped 4.73 in the long run (at ten and a half years, in 2008).

Growing up in Reggio Calabria, since the end of 2013 he has registered with the Rieti Student and for some periods he also lived in the club’s guesthouse.

In 2014 he began to be followed by Oreste Tarantino, who was a good sprinter in the eighties. Natural technical skills and a good base of speed accompanied him in his progress until he established the Italian junior indoor record (7.78 in the triangular U20 in Padua 2016).

From autumn 2017 he moved to Castelporziano with coaches Andrea Matarazzo and Fabrizio Donato.

In 2019 he won bronze at the Under 23 European Championships by jumping exactly 8 meters for the first time in his career, a measure repeated at the Indoor Absolutes in 2020. He studied at the scientific high school.

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