Giulia Guarriello


Giulia Guarriello was born in Mantua on March 1, 2001. 

She lives in Moglia, Lombardy, but for territorial issues she trains in Reggiolo, in the province of Reggio-Emilia (Emilia-Romagna region), where she has been a member of the “Atletica Guastalla-Reggiolo” club since 2013, and she’s coached by Emanuela Panini. 

She is a student of the University of Modena and Reggio-Emilia, Course of Biotechnology, attending the first year. Thanks to the University and her sporting commitment, she became part of a university project called Unimore Sport-Excellence, which guarantees student-athletes valid support in their bilateral career. 

Giulia Guarriello is an athlete of national interest, who specialized in the 100 meters hurdles.

She is the holder of the Best Italian Performance (U20 and Senior) in the indoor 50 meters hurdles, of 24 regional titles, which place her in 5th place in the all-time ranking in Emilia-Romagna, and of a recent silver medal at the Italian Indoor U23 Championships in Ancona, in the 60m hurdles. 

Giulia’s true passion for athletics began with her victory at the National Student Championships in the 80-meter dash in Desenzano del Garda in May 2015. 

In 2016 she was Vice-Italian Champion in the 80 meters hurdles in Cles. 

In 2017 she was included in the National team to participate in the Jean-Humbert cup in Nancy, after getting the standard for the European Championships in the category.

2017 and 2018 were two troubled years due to a bad injury that did not allow her to train to the best of her abilities. Despite this, the grit and determination she has led Giulia to gain the final at the Italian Championships, both times in 5th place. 

In 2019 Giulia won another medal: 3rd place in the indoor 60m hurdles. With regard to outdoor competitions, she participated for the first time in the Senior Championships in Bressanone, where Giulia made it through the first qualifying round and was in the semifinals. 

In 2020, a very complex year for the whole of Italy, Giulia had to face a particular destabilization on a psychological level, which did not allow her to show her real potential. Thus she decided to work on mental preparation as well, with the Mental-Trainer Giorgio Sola. 

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, Giulia, like all the other athletes, had to stop for two months. Despite this, she has always found methods and ideas to maintain physical fitness and a good training base.

2021 began positively, in a sporting sense. Giulia broke down the wall of 8’’40 seconds in the indoor 60m hurdles and 7˝62 seconds in the 60-meter dash. 

At the Italian Championships in Ancona she was Vice-Italian Champion in the 60 meters hurdles in a very hard fought competition. 

The summer season began with a time of 13”97 in Modena in the 100m hurdles on April 25 and then the time of 13”72 the following week. 

On May 23, in Padua, an amazing time of 13”60, which is the standard for the European U23 Championships in Tallin (Estonia). 

On June 2, in Modena, Giulia set a personal record of 13”55. 

On June 12 the Italian Junior and U23 Championships took place in Grosseto, where Giulia ran 13”67 in the heat and then ran an extraordinary 13”34 in the final (current personal record and sixth all-time U23 performance) thanks to which she won the title of Italian U23 Champion. 

Two weeks later the Italian Senior Championships took place in Rovereto (Trento), where Giulia clearly was leader in a heat with complex conditions due to strong headwind (-5.4 km/h). The final ended with a prestigious third place and with an important confirmation of the personal best of Grosseto, 13’’36.

Women's 100mH184
Women's Overall Ranking2095
100 Metres11.84+0.9
Campo Communale, Modena (ITA) 03 JUL 2022
200 Metres25.30+0.6
Campo Communale, Modena (ITA) 02 JUN 2021
100 Metres Hurdles13.27+1.3
Stadio Adriatico, Pescara (ITA) 11 SEP 2022
100m Hurdles (76.2cm)13.94+0.7
Bressanone (ITA) 04 JUN 2017
Long Jump5.56-2.3
Reggio Emilia (ITA) 17 SEP 2017
4x100 Metres Relay47.99
Stadio Gino Salveti, Cassino (ITA) 21 MAY 2022
50 Metres6.53
Palalottici, Parma (ITA)25 JAN 2020
60 Metres7.49
Palaindoor Ancona, Ancona (ITA)19 FEB 2023
50 Metres Hurdles7.14
Palalottici, Parma (ITA)25 JAN 2020
55 Metres Hurdles8.35
Parma (ITA)22 DEC 2018
60 Metres Hurdles8.10
Palaindoor Ancona, Ancona (ITA)21 JAN 2023
60m Hurdles (76.2cm)8.98
Modena (ITA)27 JAN 2018

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Technical staff

Coach: Emanuela Panini
Mental Coach: Giorgio Sola


Boras, U20 European Champ 2019

Giulia Guarriello