Wanderson Polanco


He was born in Santo Domingo (Dominican Rep.) On November 25th 1997, 1.93x84kg
Club: Atletica Riccardi Milano 1946

He lives in Sestu, on the outskirts of Cagliari. Born in the Dominican Republic, Wanderson Polanco arrived in Sardinia with his parents when he was seven. His first sport is football, in the role of full-back, but he is a family friend to direct him towards athletics in 2013: Valentina Uccheddu, the well-known Italian long-distance player. Growing up in Amsicora with coach Andrea Atzeni, at the end of 2016 he moved to Turin to be trained by Alessandro Nocera, moving to Riccardi Milano: due to his remarkable stature, he was nicknamed “gentle giant”. He revealed himself in 2017 by winning both promising Italian speed titles (60 indoors and 100 outdoors with 6 “66 and 10” 35). In 2020 he became the father of little Leandro and returned to the island, followed on the field by his first coach Andrea Atzeni, with some periods in the Piedmontese capital during his competitive activity. He returned to improve in 2021 with 10 “21. Graduated in sports science, in his spare time he enjoys Japanese comics and is a technology enthusiast.

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Technical staff

Head Coach: Claudio Licciardello
Strength&Conditioning: Riccardo Carbonaro
Physiotherapist: Matteo Galderisi
Sport Psychologist: Marco Naman Borgese
Nutrition: Gianluca Leuti