Larissa Iapichino publishes her first book with Mondadori

Jumps in writing
“Running in the Air”
Is her first book
An autobiographical novel
Out in bookshops on 22nd March

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Out in Bookshops on 22nd March Correre in aria (Mondadori), Larissa Iapichino’s autobiographical novel. Larissa is a young italian athlete, practicing Long Jump. The book can be preordered since today on all online stores.

«I am very happy that this autobiographical novel about a beautiful as much as difficult moment of my life, could be red by many people. I strongly believe that, where some challenges can be seen as impossible, what matters is always to find a way of jumping beyond. This is the meaning of my journey, as everything is impossible till you do it. In a liquid world to be able to manage uncertainty is fundamental and Sport, with measurements, targets and challenges, helps to temper youngsters’ attitude and not only. I hope that all readers will want to “run in the air” to fulfil their dreams.»
Larissa Iapichino

With these words Larissa Iapichino tells her passion about Sport, life and challenges, whichever they are, as a challenge has been writing this autobiographical novel.
Daughter, sister, friend, professional athlete, woman, student: Larissa is only 19 years old and she is already many things. She is still a teen as many, with dreams, challenges, growth and self-definition barriers. And
Larissa is as well special, she jumps far beyond any of her peers in the world. Larissa’s talent is unique and irripetible, something that implies physical sacrifices, responsibilities and growing ambitions, in both sport and private life. Go, run, jump, try, try back again. Pre run up, run up, take off, jump and then back from beginning till you find the perfect formula, hundredth of a second and millimetre at a time. Someone can say this is the sport’s down side, well it is just the beauty of it: start again from the beginning, each time on the track or the field with no predefined distinctions nor labels, such that is good, that is not, that made a
record, that is unbeatable, that is the son of.
Sport, as life itself, pushes us to get to know our boundaries, as to learn how to go beyond and to respect them. And Long Jump is a one of the thousands ways in which Larissa tries to win against herself and to stretch beyond limits. As Friendship, Love, Fashion, School, Florence and all pieces of her life.
This autobiographical book is about being born special feeling anyway normal, a generation Z novel; it is about willing to be successful and follow any kind of dreams, even the most impossible ones. Beginning
from an idea to get far, far away.
Jump and fly always beyond.

Larissa Iapichino, “Running in the Air” (Mondadori, 132 pagine, 17,50 euro), out in bookskops since 22nd march and since today in preorder on all online stores.

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